An essential text for teachers who are using the Jazz Harmony - Level 2. This CD has answers to all questions and puzzles in the Student Workbook. In addition it has units tests covering all concepts and templates to enable instant marking of student tests.

This CD has been prepared to assist teachers in the efficient delivery of concepts covered in the Student Workbook Level 2.
Saved in pdf format and contains:

  • answers to all questions
  • completed puzzles
  • units tests covering all concepts
  • unique test templates
  • a final exam
  • templates for extension activities in Sibelius

The important feature of this book are the test templates that make it possible to instant mark work giving teachers and students immediate feedback on their progress.

Students love the creative elements and teachers appreciate the enormous reduction in marking time .

With this product everyone is a winner!

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Jazz Harmony Teacher's Handbook - Level 2