Established in 2005, the vision of KEY FOCUS® AUSTRALIA is to produce high quality, innovative resources for the teaching and learning of music. We pride ourselves on developing products which: 

  • maximise student performance
  • are excellent for visual learners
  • promote independent learning
  • support students with learning difficulties
  • can be used by all musicians · make an excellent ready reference
  • easy for both teachers and music students
  • which bring back the enjoyment into learning 

Neither the principles nor the embedded knowledge of music theory should be a mystery and all musicians should have equal access to this information. 

The products produced by Key Focus® are designed to support and promote the learning and understanding of the fundamental principles of music. Our products promote creativity and give students easy access to the building blocks of musical theory. 

Key Focus is a 100% Australian owned and operated company. All of our education resources are made in Australia using sustainable resources and green production techniques. 

 We are confident that you will find our products to be useful tools and a practical support to your music making. 

Managing Director