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A new approach to the teaching of musicianship. This book is a companion to the MTC and takes students on a voyage of discovery. Completely self directed and incorporates puzzles and creative exercises to make theory fun. and interesting. 

An introduction to the principles of keys, scales and modern harmonisation using the MTC. Sequential units, extension exercises, test sheets, activities and puzzles carefully guide the learning of concepts. The book is designed to foster independence and promote creativity. 

The book is best suited to 2nd year music students as it assumes knowledge of melodic and rhythmic notation. It covers:

  • Major keys
  • Minor keys
  • Key signatures
  • Primary triads
  • Harmonisation
  • Chord substitution
  • Dominant sevenths
  • Minor harmonisation
  • And much more

This 94 page workbook has enough material for two years of study. It features specially designed extension activities that develop the students creativity.



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Jazz Harmony (MTC) Student Workbook - Level 1