A teaching device which supports students in the learning of keys, scales, modes, harmonic sequence, chord substitution and much more. Based on the cycle of 4ths. This is a fundamental learning tool for all musicians. 

The MTC can be used to:

  • Identify major and minor key signatures
  • Build key signatures up to 7#’s & 7b’s
  • Obtain the correct order of #’s or b’s in any key signature
  • Build all the relative modes of the major scale
  • Find the relative minor scale of any major scale
  • Name the accidentals in Harmonic and Melodic minor keys
  • Name the Primary Triads—major and minor keys
  • Find Perfect, Plagal and Interrupted cadences
  • Name the technical degrees of all major scales
  • Identify the scale degrees of all major scales
  • And much more

The MTC kit contains:

  • Music Theory Computer
  • Full colour Instruction Manual
  • Sturdy clear plastic binder which fits into a student’s work folder. 
$21.95 X