A Quality Manuscript Book


Things have been crazy, with finishing the new website, PayPal, and more that there has been little time to give to new projects. We are working on a couple ideas one of which is a better manuscript book.

Do you remember when you could buy quality manuscript? As we have moved further into the age of technology it seems that quality manuscript books have been lost in the mists of time. 

Well not any more. I for one am sick of paper that you can see through, where the staves are not correctly spaced and a book that is far from user friendly. 

So we will soon be releasing a Manuscript book with:

  • Quality paper
  • interleaved lined pages
  • perforated pages for easy removal

It's not a big thing, but why should young musicians, who are just developing their craft have to use inferior manuscript? The answer is the shouldn't. 

Take care and keep on playing.