The Teacher’s Handbook CD pack is a highly valuable aid to teachers who are using the “Creative Musicianship – A Practical Introduction to Music” resource.

This two CD pack includes complete answers for all of the tasks in the student workbook and a listening and audio accompaniment CD for all of the practical activities.

  • Answers to all of the student tasks and pre-tests
  • Photocopy approved unit tests
  • Answer templates for all unit tests
  • Accompaniment CD to support the performance activities
  • All performance pieces saved in Sibelius 4 and 6 formats to enable easy transposition of parts. This will be particularly useful if you have students playing transposing instruments in your class.

The Teacher’s Handbook is in presented in pdf format. It clearly displays the key points for students to fill in their workbook and comprehensive answers for all of the written tasks. The pdf format is ideal for use with data projection, interactive white board or other forms of electronic transmission used in classrooms.

This resource makes it possible for lesson content to be effectively delivered when the music specialist is not available. Any relief teacher can now take your class with complete confidence and with no additional preparation required by you - just hand over the CD pack and go!!




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Creative Musicianship – Teacher’s Handbook and Accompaniment CD pack